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All domains are available with fast transfer and BIN prices on DynadotAfternic, Sedo, Epik, Dan or GoDaddy.

Customized web designs for your company, business or brand in English, German and Chinese is available for every domain. You’ll find web design samples and pricing below. For requests and quotes use the contact form, we’ll get in touch with you as fast as possible.

Available Domains


Brandables | 3L | 4L | 5L | 6L
AR | VR | MR | XR | Metaverse
CBDC | EEuro | EUSD | EMoney

Available domains will regularly be updated and expanded.

HexPixel.com Brands

Web Design Sample Pages

A few web design samples to give you an idea what is possible! Everything is fully customizable and can be adjusted to your personal needs and ideas!

Other examples:

Learning environments

Intranet environments

E-Commerce environments

Product portfolios

Personal portfolio 

Information display

Blogs and magazines

The Website


A website starts with an idea

is attached to a design

and has certain functionalities.

What is a Plugin?

The incredible versatility of WordPress comes from the plethora of available plugins. In essence, a WordPress website connects ideas with different plugins to create certain functionalities. An easy to use, modern and crisp design is the foundation for the plugins to work.

Every plugin has it’s very special use case. The art of WordPress development lies in the combination of a perfect plugin with smart design choices to achieve a smooth user experience in front and backend.

Web Design

A project contract will contain an estimated fixed price with all rates for additional charges, time estimates and return policies. The contract needs to be signed together with an 50% up-front payment of the fixed price before we start the project.

The other 50% needs to be paid after project completion and hand over of the website to the customer.


Blog or Personal Website
  • up to 3 pages + landing page
  • no additional plugins
  • no customized pages


Portfolio, Resume, Networking
  • up to 5 pages + landing page
  • customized plugins
  • customized pages


Brochure, Information, News
  • up to 8 pages + landing page
  • customized plugins
  • customized pages
  • Security and Speed Optimization
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Included in all packages

  • Amazon AWS EC2 deployment
  • Linux distribution with WordPress 5.6 Installation
  • Amazon AWS Route 53 Domain Registration
  • Free SSL/TLS via Let's Encrypt

Support Service

Websites are not static constructions, they need constant updates in front and backend as well as maintenance regarding security, firewall and server instances. I strongly encourage all clients to subscribe to a monthly support plan for their website.


Suitable for Personal / Professional Websites
  • Keep WordPress and Plugins updated
  • Maintain daily / weekly backups
  • Maintain firewall / security
  • Monthly website health check analysis
  • Short monthly security report


Suitable for Business
  • Keep WordPress and Plugins updated
  • Maintain daily / weekly backups
  • Maintain firewall / security
  • Monthly website health check analysis
  • Monthly traffic and security report
  • Additional support for small plugin / pages changes